Friday, October 29, 2010

Dallas Stars Drinking Game

Well Boys and Girls, it's time again for another wonderful post.  This afternoon I came across one of my good friend's Down Goes Spezza's blog regarding the Flyer's Drinking Game.  This stemmed from a similar blog post from Peter Evans regarding his own NHL Drinking Game.  Personally, I thought this was a great game if your friends aren't complete hockey morons like mine are.  In other words, I'd like to have a drink before I die of thirst in that game.  So what goes into a Dallas Stars drinking game?  Glad you asked!

-  I would offer up a sip of beer every time Kari Lehtonen makes a save, but the goal is to enjoy the game, not try to have a power hour during the first period.

-  Every time a Dallas defenseman makes a boneheaded play, drink.  I highly recommend driving to Oklahoma to purchase 3.2% beer prior to this, otherwise you will be drunk before warm ups are over.

-  On the same token, when Trevor Daley eventually tries to over-play on offense and screws up, find a bottle of your favorite Russian vodka (if I had to choose I'd say Stoli or Imperia) and drink until he starts to resemble Sergei Zubov. (Ed note: This will likely result in liver failure, so please proceed at your own risk)

-  Before the game begins, everyone picks five obscure phrases.  If any of these quotes are used by Darryl Reaugh during the broadcast, everyone else finishes their drink.  Hell, if any of them are used, you win at life.

-  If you are watching during the upcoming Dallas/Buffalo game this Saturday, anytime a Sabres players shoots right of the net, have them take a shot of something strong, then make them watch this.

-  During the same game, anytime you recognize a player on the Sabres other than Ryan Miller, take a drink.  This applies to Sabres fans as well cause honestly I don't even think they know.

- When If the Stars pull of a successful penalty kill (12 PPG against in 36 times short handed), have a drink because a miracle has obviously occurred, and you deserve to celebrate.

- When a legal hit is made, take a drink if Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger, Pierre LeBrun, or other well respected sports figures start writing about the possibility that it could be a suspension.  If drinking liquor, you should probably grab a 1.75L for this one.

- If Marc Crawford accidentally remembers he has four lines and lets them all get playing time, drink until you forget that line exists.

- If Fabian Brunnstrom is actually playing in the game you are watching take three drinks in honor of the number of goals he scored in his first NHL game, which is ironically the same number of goals in his entire NHL career.

- If the attendance on your couch is larger than the attendance at a Stars home game, take a drink. Not exactly for you, but in honor of whatever dollar Tom Hicks thought he had left in this world.

It should be noted that myself and Discard What You Don't Need does not endorse any use of this game in actuality.  It would obviously pose a health risk to anyone of legal drinking age.  Please do not participate in this game if you are, or think you may be, pregnant.  Basically that means if you're 20 or younger have at it kiddies.

As always, feel free to leave your comments, hate mail, and beer, or just stalk me on Twitter , because what better things do you have to do while at work?

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