Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Awards For the Week Ending 10/24/10

Ladies and gentlemen (and knowing my readers, I use these terms EXTREMELY loosely..."sluts and assholes" just seems a too bit harsh), I am once again back in Dallas which means not only do I once again have an internet connection, but I also get the opportunity to witness a home team get outplayed horrifically, yet still win games (obviously I'm not talking about the 1-5 Dallas Cowboys).  A few quick points:

- Congrats to the Texas Rangers for making their first World Series appearance.  Your bandwagon fan base following will ensure that the lowest regular season home game crowd ever, approximately 7,000 in attendance versus the Blues, will actually be high compared to the attendance at the Stars game this coming Saturday versus Buffalo.
- The Stars actually only have 1 more point than they did 7 games into the season last year (3-1-3 in 2009/10).  Funny how those OT wins make you feel more confident about your team.
- Which leads me to my next point: to the few that think the Dallas defense is actually better this year than last *cough latest Down Goes Spezza Post cough* I beg, no, I implore you to reconsider.  The shots allowed are terrible, the PK is beyond horrific, and if there was really any less caring in terms of playing defense, they'd all be named Ilya Kovalchuk.

Now then, our week has come to an end, and it's time for the naming of the first ever "Brad Richards Wanna Be" and "Patrik Stefan 'I didn't do that'" awards.  So without further ado:

Brad Richards Wanna Be
While both Tim Thomas (2-0-0 in 2 starts w/ a 1.00 GAA and 97.3 save percentage) and Kipper (2-1-0 in 3 starts w/ 2 shutouts, a 1.32 GAA and 95.6 save percentage) performed more than adequately to receive top honors and the inaugural receipt of the award, I sadly have to go with the stat line that literally blows my mind.  Henrik Zetterberg (3 goals, 3 assists, +5, in 2 games) was simply on fire this week.  Sure it's only two games and a sample size like that isn't exactly a lot, but consider this: only 2 players this week scored more points (Bourque and Stamkos) and it took them twice as many games played to do so.  Trust me, Stamkos really makes me want to pick him (4 goals, 5 assists), but I just can't for some reason.  This is coming from the guy that drafted him every year except this year (only had one opportunity and sadly I went with Parise as I felt LW was very shallow this year).  So alas, the Brad Richards Wanna Be award is tainted forever by being awarded to a Red Wing...you know what?  On second thought, fuck that.  I'm not tainting this shit in week one.  Good job Stamkos, you kicked some major ass.

Red Wings suck.

It's ok Mr. Stamkos, we know what you really look like and how to properly spell your name.

Patrik Stefan 'I didn't do that'
Since I apparently deprived a Red Wing player an award, and this is a Stars related blog, why not remedy both situations immediately.  With a -4, 0 points, and 2 PIMs (ie: not very sportsman-like), Mike Modano come on down!

You just love the bitches, don't you Mike?
As always, feel free to leave your comments, hate mail, and new award name suggestions, or just stalk me on Twitter , because what better things do you have to do while at work?

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