Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fun With Numbers - Stars/Devils Game One & Other NHL Stats

The first thing I learned about the Stars regular season opener vs the Devils is that not only did Lou Lamoriello screw Stars fans over by not forfeiting due to being over the cap (how convenient that those two players landed on Long Term Injury Reserve, no?  Someone get me a social worker and prove that there was no domestic violence or anything like that and then I'll believe the injuries), but even when I count on the Stars losing for an excellent blog post, they fail me.  I was actually excited about the prospect of taking a look at where the Stars stood after a blowout loss and to be quite honest, after the 2-0 start the defense was proving to me they were every bit as useful as I expected.  Kari Lehtonen was proving to me that despite appearing super human in preseason stopping 75/77 shots, and in the game I attended giving up maybe 2 rebounds all night, that he really is a subpar goaltender that the Stars put too much faith in.  Hell (LOL a pun!), the Devils were even proving to me that my combination of Parise and Zajac in a majority of my fantasy leagues are going to dominate like no other.  The line of Parise/Zajac/Kovalchuk seem to go together like Huey Dewey and Louie, like Crosby Stills and Nash, even like the Three Tenors (Perhaps not the best analogy on that one.  None are gay, and the fat one is obviously Brodeur).  Then what happens?  The Stars not only fight back to earn that lovely OT point, but instead of going something ridiculous like 3-14 in OT games, they won a game in OT.  WAY TO RUIN THE POST LOUI!

So instead of getting to hear things like "The Maple Leafs and the Oilers are obviously infinitely better than Dallas because they both won their games and Dallas lost," you're going to get the opposite.  Quite the opposite.  Here we go:

- Looking at the points, the Stars are obviously twice as good as the defending Stanley Cup champions, Chicago Blachawks, and also on par with the defending Stanley Cup champions, the Atlanta Thrashers.  Sadly, they are no match for the obvious eventual Eastern Conference Champs: The Carolina Hurricanes.

- Speaking of the Hurricanes, couldn't "Mr. Shootout" Jussi Jokinen pulled out something a little better than the garbage he decided to display today? just got showed up by a rookie in Jeff Skinner chief.  Better start watching Mike Ribeiro so you can learn the definition of the "cheeky" shootout goal.

Shhh, this is what a cocky douchebag looks like. Thankfully this cocky douchebag plays for us.

- Dear Mike Modano, We knew you'd be good on that Detroit team.  Honestly, with the talent around you on the 3rd line, how could you not be?  Was the goal on your first shot really necessary though?

- Speaking of Mike Modano, if the Stars tried any harder to push Brad Richards as the next coming of Modano, I'd almost be convinced the team got sold and Richards was going to receive a Kovalchuk-esque deal.  Keep in mind I did not have any volume while watching the game, but considering all the graphics I saw of Richards and Modano being compared, I fail to see how they aren't trying to market the team around him.

- On the topic of Brad Richards, the Modano record of 93 points in a season is about to be shattered.  Eriksson is going to end the season with 164 goals, and Richards will finish with 246 points.  You can't tell me I'm wrong.  That's the projected stats people.  Wayne Gretzky eat your heart out.

- If anyone was looking for this year's 20+ shooting percentage candidate, look no further than Loui Eriksson.  It's scary when you know his two goals in the game wasn't a fluke, but even worse when you realize he only took two shots on goal.  #LouiEriksson4RichardCandidate

- Looking at other games around the league, a scary moment in Atlanta when Ondrej Pavelec collapsed to the ice with no one around him.  Aside from looking like an Italian soccer player, I sincerely hope he makes a speedy recovery and returns to action soon.  I'd hate to think that we could see Dustin Byfuglien in goal at some point...since he's obviously multi-talented and all.

- Nothing to do with hockey, but it made me laugh a lot, so I need to share.  Some of you may have heard about Michael Young's "check swing" during yesterday's Rays/Rangers game.  Well a local radio station duo that also cover the Dallas Stars decided to respond to the comment that "The game really turned on the check swing call."  Their response?  "Yes, because before that, the Rays had 0.  After that, they finished with 0."  I love people who tell it like it is.

- I saw some hockey bets going around lately, with one unfortunate unnamed Canadiens fan losing 3 bets in one game.  Supposedly these were the first three lost bets ever in history.  Ya, and Brett Hull's Stanley Cup Winning Goal was 100% legit (It was...which means I totally believe this person).  That all being said, I always welcome ridiculous bets.  If I don't accept, ask me again when I've had a drink or two in me.  Don't think it works?  I apparently signed up for a fantasy league drunk, didn't realize it until I was told about it two weeks later, then drafted tipsy, and now I'm going to destroy everyone.  Remember those words people.  Remember them!
- Can we honestly just give Jordan Eberle the Calder now?  That goal was disgusting and Ian White should be fired.  Guess we all know why he was paid $5 less than expected now.

- Last Dead Things mention, but after 1 game, I think it's safe to say that Pavel Datsyuk already forfeited the Lady Byng this year.  Guess it's down to the two former teammates in St. Louis and Richards again.  Good luck Brad.

- Back to Dallas.  What needs to happen to ensure that Raycroft doesn't start versus the Islanders?  I don't care if half their team is injured and the only reason they hit the cap floor is because they're paying a guy in Russia to score goals in an exhibition games against the Hurricanes.

This all being said, I do have an excited weekly feature that should debut sometime this coming week.  At least I hope it's exciting.  For all I know it could suck as bad at the Minnesota Wild.

As always, feel free to leave your comments, hate mail, and bottles of whiskey, or just stalk me on Twitter , because what better things do you have to do while at work?

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