Thursday, September 2, 2010

NHL Dual Sport Athletes

I got to thinking today about some great athletes in my lifetime such as Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson and how they were able to not only dominate in their own sport, but also in secondary professional sports.  I then realized you never see this happen with hockey players.  Sure we had Manute Bol try his hand at the CHL for a day to raise charity, but he never even hit the ice during the game.  The closest we've ever come is Tom Glavine being drafted to the Kings (before Luc Robitaille I might add), but he chose baseball over hockey.  Here's a glimpse at some other players who can use their talents to excel in other sports (For the record, if you don't usually click my hyperlinks, I suggest you start doing so, that's half the fun in all my posts):

NBA - With a flair for physicality and elbows Chris Pronger (6' 6") is merely a whiter less skilled version of the NBA's Ron Artest (6' 7")...wait, Artest?...Pronger is merely a whiter version of the NBA's Ron Artest.

International Soccer - Aside from his departure from the NHL causing mad pandemonium among NHL execs and massive cheering from NHL fans, Crosby would find himself among his peers since he would fit in perfectly with the Italian divers, er, soccer players.  One thing's for sure, he's gonna need a bigger dryer.  Sid-ney-ole-ole-Sid-ney. 

Poker - Sure anyone could do it, but after years of getting broken, battered, and bruised he has quite possibly the best poker face I've ever seen.  I present to you Stephane Robidas.

When his nose bulges to the left he's bluffing...or is he?

Baseball - While his catching might need some improvement, his knack for swinging for the fences would enable Keith Ballard to become the next great baseball legend.

MMA - A very tough category as there are obviously many great enforcers in the NHL.  However, I feel strongly that one player stands above the rest for his innovative style that is necessary to survive in the world of mixed martial arts:

NASCAR - With an affinity and track record for changing tires, Brooks Laich make an amazing addition to any Pit Crew.  Speaking of which, I wonder if Dany Heatley needs a crew.  I hear he's an amazing driver.  In related news, the NHL should ship Doc Emrick to be a commentator (give it a second, that joke/link will sink in).

IFOCE - Move over Joey Chestnut, with a great hunger and an unfilled desire and yearning to be the biggest, Kyle Wellwood would take the International Federation of Competitive Eating by storm.

Westminster Dog Show - Ok, so maybe it isn't classified as a professional sport, but how is Mike Ricci not a slam dunk for this?

Hide the poodles in heat, that is one good looking pug mug.

PBR (Professional Bull Riders) - You have to think that anyone that can take that much punishment to their face from Colton Orr has to have suffered enough brain damage to sit down on a pissed off bull.

PBA (Professional Bowlers Association) - It took some hard thought for this one, but finally I narrowed it down to the Montreal Canadien forwards.  Who else would be able to provide the perfect number and size to field all 10 bowling pins?

Horse Racing Jockey - Ooooo, now that all the Canadiens forwards are busy getting pelted by big burly men's balls, who is left to ride ponies?  Why none other that the NHL's resident midget Martin St. Louis.

Pro Wrestling - Let's be honest, half of the big stars in wrestling can't wrestle at all.  The biggest key to success is being able to get over with the fans via your mic skills.  Sound like someone we know?  I think so!

Fear wrestling's newest character, the Copy Editor

Football - Ever since Jimmy Johnson retired and was relegated to Fox NFL Sunday, something is missing during football games.  Not the amazing play calling or back-to-back super bowl champions, but rather watching someone get doused with Gatorade and seeing a nicely sculpted head of hair look...well, look as pristine and untouched as ever.  This is why I don't care about retirement, someone needs to find a way for Kerry Fraser to get a job in the NFL.

Fencing - To be good at a sport like fencing, you need gifted hands, loads of talent, and a "no fear" attitude of getting cut by a blade.  Richard Zednik, come on down!

Billiards - With spearing penalties like this, Rob Blake is a natural at hitting balls with long sticks.

Golf - If you are a member of the Dallas Stars, you better be raising your hands on this one. 

Hockey - Finally, it would seem there are some people ready to make that next step towards becoming professional athletes.  Ladies and gentlemen, your 2010-2011 Edmonton Oilers!

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