Thursday, August 19, 2010

What a new buyer means to the Stars

So it would appear that Forbes magazine is reporting that Tom Hicks is closer to a sale than we all thought.  What does this mean for Dallas and the Stars team?  Let's find out!

To those that are unfamiliar with me, I've led an interesting life.  I've actually grown up with some of the Hicks family and ironically know many of the locals that tried to put in bids on the Stars, including Mr. Cuban (who is a freaking giant of a man by the way).  On a random site note, I should point out that part of the Modano non-retirement was due to a failed organized bid on the team which included Brett Hull and would have brought Jim Lites back into the fold.  I was really hoping that that particular bid had gone through because of a few reasons:
1)  It would have brought some amazing local marketing to the equation
2)  It would have instilled hometown team pride, similar to Nolan Ryan being part of the Texas Rangers deal
3)  I probably could have weaseled myself some type of job within the organization due to connections
4)  Buffalo fans could have suffered for many years to come knowing that Mr. Foot-In-The-Crease now owned a hockey team and would enjoy showing that highlight reel clip literally every 8.3 seconds during any Stars/Sabres game.
5)  We could afford any free agent as long as they weren't Ilya Kovalchuk.

Now then.  When Mr. Hicks sells the team (because really, Liverpool fans love him much more than the local fans since he is a local owner of a hockey team that he helped mold into a great contender and champion and then let melt into a pile of repulsive ooze by creating the first ever co-GMs in the league) there will be much rejoicing in Dallas.  I mean, we might be able to afford someone on defense for starters.  I hear that Kaberle fellow is still trying to be traded! (wait, a no trade clause?  Hell, GMs get players to waive those all the time...)

In all seriousness though, despite being sold before the season starts in October, the Stars aren't going to look much different going into the season.  It's sad, but true.  All the ownership change means is that the trade deadline becomes somewhat important, and that there is an extreme outside chance that they might try to make a swipe at Niemi.  I know what you're thinking, but honestly if a team trades for a franchise goaltender in Lehtonen, and then drafts a potential franchise goaltender in Campbell, why not go out and trade for a decent goaltender in Niemi?  The lack of common sense is already present, so why not go for it?  In reality it's the best idea anyone has ever thought of.  Let's just see someone try and score with Niemi and Raycroft on the blueline with Lehtonen in net.  That's 3 goalies on the ice!  That's Charles Wang thought right there folks.  Next thing you know we'll trade for Jussi Jokinen back and then give our best player to the Islanders for Robbie Schremp so that we might be able to win a shootout in the near future.  Albeit, it'll be hard to get to the shootout when you're giving up 4-5 more goals per game than you are scoring, but we'll be a shoe-in if we make it.

So honestly, all I can hope for this season is a top 5 draft pick, that Kovalchuk signs a 1 year deal somewhere so we have a shot at him next season when we have cap room, Joe is able to resign Richards at a less than $6 mil a season extension, that the entire D learns how to play hockey overnight, and Brian Burke really likes one of our players to the tune of 2 1st rounders and a 2nd rounder.


  1. I am truly amazed whenever anyone actually says they seriously want Kovalchuk on their team.

    With Kovie and three goalies, what else do you need?

  2. @Anonymous

    I say it half joking, but now I'm going to defend it. In doing so, we'll do it 2 ways. First looking at Kovy as an individual, then looking at the Stars as a team.

    Kovy's up first. How can anyone rightfully say they don't want a guy who has scored a career low of 29 goals in a season (and that was because he played only 65 games)? The guy scores a goal slightly more than one every two games. That's a nice chunk of offense. Ever when he was in New Jersey he put up a point a game in the regular season. Aside from pure offensive potential being added to a team, no public comment have ever been made regarding him as a problem in the locker room. Can't say the same about other talented young players such as Phaneuf. So really, aside from this whole free agency issue with him wanting to be paid a ton of money (which in my opinion is justified in a long term high money deal, but not at the money he believes he deserves since I don't agree he should make more than Ovechkin) his record is essentially blemish free.

    Now onto Dallas. It's somewhat clear that the current direction of the team is that we are praying we can outscore the opposition to win each game. We have great young talent coming along and for the first time in years our offensive is clicking with defense being the key weakness. Yes it makes sense that we go out and fix the defense since it's highly unlikely we're going to get Luongo in a trade, but there just aren't that many quality D-men out there in terms of free agency coming up and I know the team is trying to keep their players for a youth movement, rather than go out and trade them.

    With all that being said, an extra 40 goals added to an offense that was moving along nicely would certainly win a few extra games. Add in that Kovy might be able to actually score a goal in the shootout and that gives us even more games won. He is talented enough to improve any team he goes to regardless of your opinion of him. The big question is, can he turn non-playoff teams into contenders or can he turn contenders into champions. So far, I have to say no to the latter due to the New Jersey experiment, but Dallas certainly isn't in that boat. It needs to get back to the postseason ASAP and Kovy at the very least gets them there.

  3. How's the sale going? ;-)