Sunday, August 8, 2010


Obviously if you are reading this, one of three things have happened:
1) You are extremely lost on the internet.
B) You are humoring me like no other and taking this all in before it implodes in a wreck of mangled metal and bones similar to when Dany Heatley drives.
iii) You actually want to read a hockey blog about the Dallas Stars.

So welcome to you kind sir or madam.  While I will have an "official" post up tonight, this post is merely serving as an aperitif to what you're going to experience.  I am not a writer by any means, but my goal is to take you on my journey as a Stars fan who enjoys mocking not only the 29 other teams, but also has a fine appreciation for self loathing and torment, thus my own as well.

Also, a special thanks to one of the best color commentators I've ever heard in the NHL: Daryl Reaugh. Without his massive vocabulary and ability to come up with some of the most bizarre analogies and phrases I've ever heard of in a hockey game, this blog might be called Down Goes Boulerice.  Thankfully, it isn't:

Just know that regardless of how this blog ends up, it truly is a win/win for you the reader.  If it turns out to be fabulous, then great, you just got a killer new blog to read out of it.  And if it turns into a smoldering trainwreck, at least you got to witness it from start to finish.  So welcome aboard, take a seat, buckle up, grab a cocktail, and enjoy the ride.

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