Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Movember Rain

For those of you that took Guns 'N Roses as the first title pun I'd ever use, please collect your 45,000,000 to 1 winnings.  Anyway, if you can't tell yet, I am participating in Movember this year.  For those living under a Mexican work boot, Movember is where a bunch of dudes, and that one lady from the circus, get together, shave their faces, and then grow some really bitching upper lip fuzz for an entire month all in the name of prostate cancer awareness/research.  In joining this wonderful cause, I've banded together with some Dallas Stars fans in an effort to make sure everyone hear's our message (NOTE: It is unwise to treat this like the penis game.  Yelling "prostate awareness" louder and louder isn't nearly as amusing.).  That being said, here's a nifty link that I've been provided with so make sure you click on it and give me half of your life savings or something.  Worst case scenario just take your mom or dad's credit card and fork over what you can, I'm not greedy (I just want to beat everyone else).

However, if that wasn't a convincing enough reason to donate, then I guess I will be forced to give you the top ten-ish reasons that you should sponsor me for Movember:

10)  It's tax deductible and everyone likes paying less taxes.
9)  The more you give, the more it grows...that's what she said?
8)  There's a really good chance that despite Crosby's head start, I can still grow something better than him by the end of day 2.
7)  If someone donates an insane amount of money, I might let them pick out which type of mustache I grow
6)  It's better to spend your money on the sponsorship than on the December 1st "Movember Souvenoir Hairs" auction that will take place on eBay.
5)  By donating you can at least feel quasi better about using the joke "I mustache you a question" all month long.
4)  I'd donate to your cause if it involved public humilation.
3)  Despite the name, it really has nothing to do with a crazy month long Mike Modano orgy...swearsies!
2)  I am willing to send a special mystery thank you gift to the top donation under my name. It might be homemade edible goodies, it might be some autographed memorabilia, it might be the unclaimed eBay mustache trimmings, YOU NEVER KNOW WITH THE MYSTERY PRIZE!
1)  Seriously people, it's for cancer research, help fix the world.

Thanks again for all the support...and laughter.

As always, feel free to leave your comments, hate mail, and DONATIONS!, or just stalk me on Twitter , because what better things do you have to do while at work? 

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